Alexandre Dang

Alexandre Dang is a software engineer with a background in academia. He is interested in most topics related to computer science but lean towards theoretical and abstract IT knowledge.

He did a PhD focused on Compilation and Security using formal methods and has been teaching Security Engineering at a Master degree. He also used to work in the blockchain ecosystem which gave him a taste for distributed systems and consensus.

Matthias Kandora

Originially mastered in computer vision with focus on unsupervised learning models, entered into enterprise level backend development and engineering, only to end up in cybersecurity topics.

Philip Reed

Chip was born at a very young age. He's been a self-taught developer since 13 years old, starting off with reverse engineering Java games. He learned frontend development as well, and branched out into PHP and script development.

His first job was distributing small form devices to school cafeterias. His roles in that involved creating an auto-installing Debian-based Linux software to mass install and register devices. This ranged from creating a hard-to-quit kiosk mode from bootup to backend communication of new or updated data.

After exploring Rust for a few years, Chip stumbled upon Tauri in 2020 and found some items to be lacking. After contributing a few large internal changes necessary for a more Rust like build system, he joined the Tauri working group. He was involved in the Tauri 1.0 audit and created the Isolation Pattern as an alternative to an item that failed the audit.

Since then, he has been working on Tauri adjacent items. This includes starting to perform security audits of Tauri applications and more recently has been moving into a more security-focused side of programming.

Tillmann Weidinger

Tillmann is a trained full-stack developer with a strong emphasis on security. He started tinkering with computers in his early teens. Due to this, he has multiple years of experience in (reverse-)engineering hard-and software, software architecture, and breaking things.

His main interests include secure coding, automation, web applications, WiFi, DMA attacks, and other topics that focus on red-teaming and highly targeted attacks.

He enjoys programming in multiple languages and recently has chosen rust as his new favorite. He started studying IT-Security at Ruhr University Bochum and Computer Science at FH Bochum. Due to his broad experience in application development and system security, he can quickly adapt to new IT-Security related topics and is always happy to learn lesser-known facts.

He was part of the external auditor team responsible for auditing the Tauri 1.0 release and introduced several security feature concepts into the core of Tauri. He is responsible for the security process in Tauri, which consists of triage of reported vulnerabilities, maintenance and creation of the security advisories. He is active in the GitHub and Discord community for the project.